Silverwhite Softneck - 1.75”-2”  bulbs Organic 1/2lb
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Softneck Silverskin. Great Garlic for Braiding and known for being the longest storing garlics.  Large Bulbs can be produced from the large outer cloves which have nice, white coloring.  A wonderful flavored softneck with a milder flavor.  Great baked, roasted, and nicely blended with a variety of dishes.  Pearl white bulbs make for great braiding garlic and since you will get small, medium and large sized bulbs they all make for a great garlic braid. Stores very well over 9-12 months.   Adapted well to summer heat and grows well in the northern and southern states. Certified Organic


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Silverwhite Softneck - 1.75”-2” bulbs Organic 1/2lb

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