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40 pounds Garlic Bulbs - Planting Size.  See size available by variety type. 

We have great seed stock remaining, but it is best to call for bulk order availability.

2”+ Size

With this bulk order, you can choose the type of garlic FROM THE VARIETIES LISTED AVAILABLE.  It was a great growing year for the following varieties, and since they did so well we have extra to sell.  The Bulk garlic varieties available are listed below, so choose from the ones listed and fill in under Garlic Varieties and Qty. the type of garlic you want and the quantity of each variety.  


If there is a variety that you like and it is not listed, call us to see if it is available.

 Our Garlic  that is naturally grown uses natural and organic growing methods pertaining to seed, soil, fertilizers, and the soil nor crop has not been sprayed with synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers, but this garlic has not been though the organic certification process. If you require USDA Certified Organic garlic, check to see if we have this garlic available as certified organic. 


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Seed Stock Bulk - 40lbs.

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