Gourmet Garlic Sampler – Medium Flavored Garlics
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This one pound garlic sampler is a great mix of 1.75"-2"+ sized bulbs with about 4-5 different garlic varieties. Since the bulbs can be very large, there may only be 4-6 bulbs in a pound.  Yes, they still can be eaten.  These are all hardneck garlics that will grow well in most US regions.

If you order 2 of these we will make sure the varieties are all different, so you may end up with up to 8 different garlic varieties.   

We will also try to send garlic that have short to long storing self-life, so you can have garlic until Spring.  Our labels will indicate which garlics store longer. These will be a mix of certified organic and/or naturally grown.

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Hot Garlic Sampler Pack 1lb.

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