Gourmet Garlic Sampler – Medium Flavored Garlics
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This one pound garlic sampler is a great mix of about 3-4 different types of softneck garlic.  We are usually limited on how many garlic's we have, so if you want softneck we are offering them in a variety pack.  You will have a mix of some of the following have inchelium red, kettle river giant, Lorz Italian, Silver Rose, and Nookta Rose. Garlic sampler packs are great for eating or growing and is a great way to try the different garlic varieties to see what you like best. Each garlic cultivar is labeled and bagged.  Softneck garlics grow well in the southern states and they store longer.  

 Our labels will indicate which garlics store longer. These will be a mix of certified organic and/or naturally grown.

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Gourmet Garlic Sampler – Softneck

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