Gardeners Delight 3lb.
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4 types of Garlic = 3/4lb. each = 3lbs. of Garlic!

Let us choose the best garlics for you! In this 3 pound package, we will choose 4 different garlic varieties that are easy to grow and will do well in your geographic area. Of the 4 different varieties (3/4lb. of 4 different types of garlic of hardnecks). This will yield around 150+ bulbs which is usually enough garlic for a family for a year with the ability to replant some for next year...if you don't eat them all! This will plant approx. 75+ row with 6" spacing. Bulb sizes are good planting sizes, depending on variety, of 2" and larger. This is also a great eating garlic package too! Remember all our garlic can be planted or eaten!

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Gardeners Delight 3lb.

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