French Purple Organic 1/2lb.
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French Pink is an artichoke softneck purchased in the south of France a few years ago and grown and acclimated to Wisconsin.  It has a wonderful mild to medium flavor that is very unique for garlic.  I would consider it similar to Inchelium Red with a beautiful purple coloring that makes it wonderful for braiding.  It is a longer storing garlic.   This garlic has 10-15 small, medium, and large cloves that 1/2lb. should yield about 5lbs. of small, medium, and large cloves. THE BULBS SIZES ARE SMALL ABOUT 1.5-1.75" DUE TO THE LONG WINTER AND WERE LARGER LAST YEAR, BUT IT WAS NOT A GREAT YEAR FOR SOFTNECKS IN WISCONSIN THIS SEASON AND WE ARE PLANTING ALL THE LARGER SIZES.


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French Purple Organic 1/2lb.

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