Garlic bulb packages for growing garlic


10 Garlic Bulbs, 2 types of Garlic, 80 Cloves/Seeds

To make it easier for you, WE will choose 10 Bulbs of 2 varieties of garlic bulbs that will grow well in your area with FREE SHIPPING! You will have about 80 cloves and will yield about 80 bulbs next season. This will plant about 40 linear foot row or a 4'X4' raised bed (depending on spacing). This is enough garlic for a bulb a week for the entire year and enough to garlic to replant for next season. We provide easy to grow garlic instructions in each order, so with good quality garlic seed and proper garlic growing instructions, you are on your way to growing a great garlic crop. Depending on availability of the garlic variety that grows well in your area, they will be either Naturally Grown or Certified Organic bulbs depending on availabilty.

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First Time Garlic Growers Package (Free Shipping)

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